ujjwal neupane
It has been 20 years since I first studied Japanese words and letters (hiragana, katakana). Thanks to attending your school, I was able to step into Japan. The Japanese language, Japanese culture, and daily life that I learned at that time were very useful for my life in Japan. In other words, the Japanese that I learned at the Japanese language school changed my life.

I am happy that you were involved in the early history of your school. I would like to express my esteem for your efforts in developing a Japanese language school with passion for 20 years, and wish you much more. - Ujjwal Neupane( Ph. D. (Knowledge Science) Saitama Japan )
Binod Bhatta
I studied for about 6 months at the gentle Japanese language school. The teachers taught me so hard. Thank you very much. My Japanese skills improved considerably in a short time. Thanks to Yasashisa Japanese Language School, I am currently passing the Japanese Language Proficiency Test N2 and studying at Yantai Electronic Information & Business College. Students who want to study abroad in Japan will not have much trouble in Japan if they first study Japanese mana and culture in Nepal. The school where you can study Japanese culture and mana while studying Japanese is a Japanese language school, so I think that I was very happy to study at the Japanese language school. - Binod Bhatta( Yasashisa Student - 2013 Sundai Computer and Information Business College Tokyo, Ochanomizu )
Suraj Sangat 2
I think it is necessary to prepare mentally and physically for what I have decided on my own thinking about the future. If you want to do it, you can learn a lot by just trying it without worrying about failure. When learning, it ’s better to look at it without compromising. If you make an effort without giving up based on what you have learned, I think there is no doubt that you will succeed. (Gentleness) teaches students not only in Japanese but also in various cultures and classes during the class. Teachers who can show students not only strength and brightness but sometimes nostalgia and honesty and that it is their individuality. There are teachers who have the insight to be able to give guidance to the right person in the right place, studying from a distance, watching one step closer, watching from a distance, sometimes gentle and strict, and come to here so far I'm really happy. - Suraj Sangat( Japanese Language Speech Contest 2012 Winner, Sundai Travel & Hotel College, Tokyo )
Gopal Maharjan
I think it is very difficult to study a foreign language. I think it ’s even more difficult to teach. I am very happy to study at the Japanese Language School. The class taught me not only textbooks but also Japanese culture and customs other than textbooks. He explains how difficult things are in simple, easy-to-understand language, and it is a very good Japanese language school. Thanks to the gentle Japanese language school, I am currently studying in Japan. I have learned Japanese at school for more than 6 months and it is now very useful in Japan. I think I was able to communicate with Japanese teachers right after I came to Japan because I studied Japanese in Nepal. I would like to advise those who wish to study in Japan to study well in Nepal before coming to Japan.
Thank you for your kindness. I'm really thankful to you. - Gopal Maharjan – 2013( Hoiku Kaigo Business Nagoya Senmon Gakkou Nagoya, Aichiken )
Alish Gurung
Firstly I want to thank heartly to this school for giving me such a knowledge about Japanese Language. When I entered to this school, I found a very good environment to study about Japanese language and different cultures of Japan. Not only had this, beside they gave opportunity to participate in karaoke competition too, where I grabbed third position. I am very happy that, I choosed this Japanese language school for my future ahead and now I am able and I am at my destination Fukuoka, Japan. My only suggestion is if u want a great future about Japanese language then get enrolled in this school and I heartly thank to all of my teachers from Yasashisa Japanese Language School. - Alisha Gurung – 2016( Japanese Karaoke Competition 2016 winner – 3rd Position )
The thirst of learning Japanese language resulted in me hunting for various Japanese language teaching institute, then my brother in law recommended me Yasashisa. Learning Japanese in Yasashisa has been a wonderful experience learning a different language for the one who has no link with the culture and the country was supposed to be a preety tough job but all thanks to yasashisa for making this difficult job on interesting one. The exposure I got from the institution helped me grow personally. May be participating in the Japanese karaoke competition or working with Japanese at the Nepal chamber expo, these experience have helped me tremendously on learning the language and experiencing the culture. The learning process is not only limited in the classroom. It ranges from testing Japanese cuisine to working with fellow Japanese friends in a stall. Joining yasashisa is by far the best decision I've taken. - ANJANA TIMILSINA( Yasashisa Student Year - 2016 )